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BSU – FEALC Speleological Expedition in Honduras – Call for Applications

Actualizat la: 25 martie 2016

According Cooperation agreement between the Federación Espeleológica de América Latina y del Caribe (FEALC) and the Balkan Speleological Union (BSU) signed in 2014 in Sofia- Bulgaria,  after negotiations and kind proposal of  Speleological Union of Honduras both side agreed and decide to start the organization of joint FEALC- BSU expedition in 2016 in Honduras.
Period of the event : November  2016 ( the exact time should be fixed later)
Duration: 10 days terrain work + 4 days for logistic
The terrain work include 70% exploration and 30 % of teaching and conferencing under different topics of speleology
Place: The tropical  Jungle of The Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve is 5,250 km² of preserved land in the La Mosquitia region on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Most of the land runs along the Río Plátano. In the territory of the reserve are some of the largest sections of forest of Honduras. More info here.  The reserve encompasses both mountainous and lowland tropical rainforest.
Conditions for participation:
  • Cavers from the each national organization regular member of FEALC and BSU could take part in the expedition;
  • The final team should be completed from 1 person from each country ( for example 9 member counties – 9 expedition members);
  • The official staff (direction) of the joint expedition will be specify after decision of the governing bodies of FEALC & BSU” ;
  • If some countries do not apply the place of it candidate should be covered by caver form other country;
  • In such case this person/s should be selected according his caving abilities linked with the general aim and targets of the event;
  • Each country can apply 3 candidatures;
  • Each candidate should speak English or Spanish;
  • The fulfilled application should be supplemented by cavers CV;
  • It should be held in English and Spanish languages in order to facilitate as much as possible the participation of the participating;.
  • The final (BSU) team of the expedition should be selected from jury singled out from BSU Bureau;
Health conditions: The candidate must be in good health, physical and psychical condition;
  • Experience of terrain work and exploration of all type of caves –  dry, water, horizontal, vertical cave;                    
  • Cave mapping skillsworking with the “paperless system” combined Disto & PDA;
  • Scientific research skills: specialization of biospeleology or geology is required;
Medicine recommendation: Antimalarials recommended for participants;
Insurance: All team members should have valid international insurance;
Traveling:  The cost of the international flights to Honduras ( probably  La Ceiba ) should be meet by the team member or from  the organizations that they belong! (the exact point should be fixed later)
Casting : The selection of the country’s candidates should be made from each national  organization  on the base of  the pointed requirements and according  their own procedure.
Applications: National organisations should send signed and stamped application consisting the names, full communication data and speleological CV of their candidates till 15 of March 2016. The final team will be declared till the end of March.
BSU intents to make a team building training during the 10th Jubilee Cavers Camp which will be held from 21-st to 26-th of June 2016 in Vratsa, Bulgaria.
For BSU Bureau – Alexey Zhalov (President)
Please spread this information among the cavers’ community in your country!