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„Grind 2024” Expedition

Actualizat la: 15 mai 2024

7-22 September, Avenul de sub Vârful Grind – Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania

Versiunea în limba română

  • Reactivation of the drainage system in the sump/siphon  at -775 m and draining of the sump (or lowering the water level); technical work for enlarging the narrow part of the siphon so we can pass through aired space with no neoprene/water protection equipment in the next parts
  • Exploration beyond the current terminus by enlarging the restriction point at -800 m and hopefully exploring new verticals
  • Climbing a small waterfall wall at -400 m (side gallery with a tributary stream that leads to a parallel section, going up)
  • Carrying out crossings/traverses and climbs in the Walter Gutt Shaft (at -500 m) and advancing on possible upward continuations
  • Exploration of some lateral narrow leads below -600 m
  • Enlarging a narrow fracture in order to find an alternative route to bypass a dangerous breccia plug area at -555 m (under the bivouac -540 m)
  • Conducting geomorphological observations and structural measurements
  • Photo/video documentation
  • Rigging the cave with cave-rescue anchors

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