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National Congress of Speleology, Oravița 2016

Actualizat la: 1 septembrie 2016


The main event of the Romanian Cavers will take place in Oravița, Caras-Severin from the 8th to 11th of September 2016 and includes the following activities:

  • Thematic groups discussions: speleological cadastre, mapping techniques, innovative exploration techniques, climatology, hydrology,geophysics, speleological educational system.
  • Conferences: Karstic heritage conservation, explorative and scientific communications
  • Thematic exhibitions: Caves and karst maps, posters, roll-ups.
  • Media: artistic and documentary photography exhibitions, video screenings, commercials of the caving organizations.
  • Caving competitions and demonstrations.
  • Caving awards, celebration of the FRS member organizations, evening entertainment.
  • Trade publications and caving equipment: mountain equipment, caving equipment, caving bookstore.
  • Trips for cavers and non-cavers: karst areas, caves, museums, artificial cavities.
  • Pre and post congress schedule: visiting the karstic area of the National Park “Cheile Nerei – Beusnita”, National Park “Semenic – Cheile Carasului”, Natural Park “Portile de fier”, visiting the caves and potholes, rafting, mountaineering and climbing, thermal baths.

The event takes place near the largest compact karst areas in Romania. In Syncline Resita – Moldova Noua are about 1,500 caves and potholes, the longest gorge from Romania, waterfalls and travertine deposits, karst plateaus, lakes and numerous cultural objectives that are attesting mining industry tradition.

Organizers: Romanian Speleological Federation, “Exploratorii” Speleological Association, “Speocaras” Speleological Association, with the support from Oravița Town Hall and other organizations.


You can sign in for the National Caving Congress by completing the registration form and if you want to submit one or more presentations please fill in the registration form for presentations.
If you have an equipment store and want a presentation/sale stand during the congress please fill in the registration form for stores.

About the event

The most important event of the year will extend over 13 days offering a great opportunity for cavers in Romania and in the region to exchange knowledge and and learn from each other specific methods of caving. It will include various presentations, debates and workshops. Competitions and entertainment will create a relaxed atmosphere. Specific caving equipment and caving bookstore will facilitate necessary purchases.
The celebration of six caving organizations,  members of the Romanian Federation of Speleology, the thermal spa bath and catering will diversify program. And this is not all of it!

Potholes, caves and mine galleries will provide an exciting experience for those who are in the first contact with natural and artificial cavities from “Syncline Resita – Moldova Noua”.
National Park “Nera – Beusnita” provides many opportunities for sightseeing and themed tours available for all ages and level of preparation.
Museums and historical monuments are completing the opportunities to visit and get to know the Oravita area.

The event takes place in September 2016 and the schedule is split in three:

For the cavers from other countries or regions

The excursions scheduled before and after the congress extend the event with 9 days and give the possibility to spend a holiday with the family in this area with remarkable karst, history and nature. For those who wish to extend even more this period we recommend to contact the speleological organizations from Banat and the surrounding area.

Together we explore the Romanian Karst!